Intelligent Ultrasound’s IDF technology improves fetal ultrasound images

September 20, 2013 -

A new peer-reviewed study, based on technology underpinning Intelligent Ultrasound’s Intelligent Data Fusion (IDF) technology has demonstrated improvement in the quality of fetal ultrasound images, making measurement of key anatomical structures more reliable and accurate.

The study, published online in the journal Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy1 looked at differences in the measurement of fetal thighbone volume between single ultrasound scans and a scan produced from the fusion of multiple single ultrasound scans that were obtained from different positions. The study used the technology that underpins Intelligent Ultrasound’s IDF software to generate the fused scans.

The results showed that the technology reduces the variability of measurement between multiple scans of a single fetus taken by one operator and between scans taken by different operators of the same fetus. Furthermore, the study demonstrated a higher level of measurement accuracy was achieved with the fused images, compared to single ultrasound scans, when compared to images obtained using computed tomography (CT), a recognised gold standard for image-based biometry.

This study demonstrates the potential of the IDF software to improve clinical outcomes by giving doctors a tool that allows more reliable diagnosis of a number of fetal developmental conditions.


About Intelligent Ultrasound Intelligent Ultrasound is a medical imaging software company that was spun out of the University of Oxford in 2012. The company produces software solutions designed to improve the diagnostic capabilities of medical ultrasound imaging and make medical ultrasound easier to use and deploy.


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