IQA Metrics

IQA Metrics provides managers and users with a range of metrics, derived from data recorded from the ultrasound equipment during use, to support decision-making.

These metrics provide users with information on:

  • Equipment utilisation
  • How machines are deployed and used
  • User deployment and performance
  • Case mix

IQA Metrics enables an in-depth analysis of departmental activity and facilitates improvements in performance through targeted education, better asset utilisation and enhanced human and physical resource management.

Over time, the range of metrics available to users will be broadened as product development activity allows the acquired data to be processed to an ever-greater degree of granularity and specificity.

Users of the IQA Metrics service can choose feedback to be provided in a variety of formats – PDF reports, presentation by an Intelligent Ultrasound Clinical Specialist and/or via a secure on-line dashboard.

IQA Metrics can be integrated into a comprehensive IQA Service Optimisation Package that includes tailored elements from each of the IQA components.