IQA Audit

IQA Audit offers users a comprehensive, independently conducted audit of ultrasound images stored as part of the patient record.

IQA Audit provides managers and ultrasound users with feedback that includes metrics on:

  • The completeness of the image record (are all the requisite images present?)
  • The quality of the stored images (are they fit for purpose?)
  • Compliance with local and/or national requirements at both department and individual sonographer user level

The frequency, depth of detail and focus for an audit are configurable to departmental/hospital needs and budget. IQA Audit can be integrated into a comprehensive IQA Service Optimisation Package that includes tailored elements from each of the IQA components.

IQA Audit is designed to allow tracking of service performance over time, so users can track the impact of remedial education and training.

Users of the IQA Audit service can choose feedback to be provided in a variety of formats – PDF reports, presentation by an Intelligent Ultrasound Clinical Specialist and/or via a secure on-line dashboard.